warp.dev: A Terminal You Should Definitely Give A Try

Warp.dev is a modern terminal application build in Rust, it is fast and easy to work with. If you are still using a more traditional terminal application like iterm, then definitely give warp a try.

For some reason I always find myself struggling navigating text in a terminal using the keyboard, One of the really great features of warp is the fact that it is easy to navigate text in the terminal using both keyboard and mouse. Another great feature is being able to search terminal output for text occurrences, even when the output is dynamic (for commands like top or tail).

Obviously, like any fancy new tool, it should at least include AI as a feature, and so it does. Forgot how to define certain terminal commands, AI is here to the rescue! You can use a prompt in warp to help you find specific commands. For example on could ask warp: ‘what command to use to unpack a .tar file’ and warp will provide you with some suggestions. No need to switch to ChatGPT anymore 🙂

Below a short introduction video demonstrating some of the cool features warp has to offer:

Give it a try!

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