Micronaut & Quarkus

Every last Friday of the month we as Sourcelabs come together for our internal meetup. The goal of this meetup is to learn new things and to have fun together. Normally we would end our day with a tasty dinner, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus that wasn’t possible this time. How do we solve this immense problem? Right, we order sushi! 🙂

Microframeworks. Probably by now you might have heard of this term, and so do we. That’s why we decided to dive into this subject in our meetup. Everyone in our team is using the Spring Framework on a daily basis, but we’ve noticed that our clients sometimes feel the need to have something “lighter”. This demand was our starting point for our meetup.

We started with checking out introduction videos for Micronaut and Quarkus. After getting some basic idea on what both frameworks do we decided to come up with a list of questions that we wanted to get answered during our meetup. We also watched a nice talk that compared the both frameworks.

This sparked a nice discussion on when we would use one of this frameworks. And it also raised the question if there’s even a need for it in our projects. One argument for using these frameworks is to save costs on the infrastructure. But what is the cost of maintainability? How do you make sure that all your developers know these frameworks?

But our biggest question was: How do the costs of your infrastructure weigh up against the costs of developers. We found it really difficult to estimate how much an IT department actually costs. Is it worth it to save a few euros a month on running a service if you’re spending thousands of euros on development teams? I agree, for a technical meetup the questions were getting more philosophical, but we love to discuss those things (like we do in our podcast).

After the discussions we got our hands dirty with some getting started tutorials. We made some small sample apps and found both frameworks simple and easy to get started with. Like always a day has too few hours so we couldn’t do much more than that. Maybe in one of our next meetups we can even dive deeper into this!

Do you also want to experience one of our playful and educative meetups? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make sure that we reserve a seat for you for our next meetup!

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