Tracing and Monitoring meetup

Every last Friday of the month we as Sourcelabs come together for our internal meetup. The goal of this meetup is to learn new things, have fun together and to enjoy a lovely dinner at the end of the day.

About a year ago we made a list of technologies and techniques that we want to learn more about. Each meetup we pick a new item from this list. This meetup’s topic was Tracing and Monitoring.

We started the day with a video about Googles SRE guide. In this video the difference between SLA, SLI, and SLO was discussed. Knowing the difference and how to apply them is in our opinion really beneficial for everyone that’s building both private and public APIs. We also watched a video about DevOps and what it actually means for an organisation.

After that we started investigating Sleuth and Brave. For that we watched this video. When we were done with the videos we started exploring the getting started project from Sleuth.

In the afternoon we spent some time on monitoring applications with Prometheus and Grafana. We watched a great introduction video on this topic. After that we got our hands dirty and tried to get the same setup to work as explained in the video. 

All in all it was an interesting day where we learned a lot about some concepts that we were not that familiar with. What surprised us the most was the simplicity of getting a small proof of concept up and running in no time.

We ended our day with a wonderful dinner at Meat & More in Utrecht. We can talk all day about this, but we think that the pictures speak for themselves ?

Do you also want to experience one of our playful and educative meetups? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make sure that you’ll be able to join the next one!

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