Going functional and fullstack with Spring Fu and Kotlin

Spring Fu is an experimental Kotlin micro-framework that makes it easy to create lightweight Spring-powered applications with functional APIs instead of annotations. Fu is for functional API, but that’s also a wordplay with the -fu suffix which means skill, the chinese character which means “good luck” and the chinese poetry. Sébastien Deleuze announced this interesting new Micro framework on twitter:

One of the interesting features is that Spring Fu really allows you to develop the full stack using Kotlin by writing your Gradle build file and application code in Kotlin.

Josh Long has put up a great youtube video to get you started with Spring Fu:

The micro part for me is due to minimal reflection usage, no classpath scanning and no annotation processing. While this requires you to be a bit more explicit in the configuration, it boosts startup of you application significantly. For more details make sure to check out the project on github: https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-fu

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